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Management Development Programs

Companies that invest in management development have always outperformed their competitors. Whether you’re looking to sharpen the management skills for yourself or your people, we commit in contributing to your team’s professional growth and development. The Management Development Workshop is a three-part module customized to meet your specific needs, to drive higher levels of productivity, profit, and teamwork.

Find out some of the tailor-made Management Development Programs

Tailor made management development programs

Delivery Enablement Workshop

The workshop helps participants understand the fundamentals and best practices in project life-cyle by laying emphasis on plan and cost management. The real-life project and operational experiences of this module enable participants to make the right decision by applying industry best practices. By the end of the module, participants are able to leverage organizational guidelines, tools and processes for effective delivery management.

Conflict Resolution and Collaboration

Mastering the art of resolving conflicts requires skill and patience. While some issues can be resolved easily, instances with higher repercussions should be handled with care. Our workshop focus on understanding the essentials of collaborative work, quick thinking, and people management skills to overcome such incidents.

Effective Delegation and Accountability

To achieve maximum performance within a team, the manager must oversee employees with effective delegation. Our workshop is tailored to train leaders with best delegation techniques and systems that increase accountability of employees and team members. Effective delegation is the prime function of the manager. The workshop equips you with the best delegation techniques and systems that can make the organization viable and increase the accountability of the employees and team members.

Our Management Development programs are best suited for Delivery Heads, Senior Managers, Mid-level Managers, and Team Leaders.