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New Business / Service Launch

We help in defining a strategy that will assist in launching your next big product, service or business. Targetorate helps channelize efforts in the right direction. Backed by consultants with 20+ years of experience, we understand what it takes to place a product on the global map. We have helped clients in various sectors such as IT/ITES, Healthcare, Wellness and Beauty, Retail, Manufacturing, Education etc. to launch their products across geographies.

Provided below is a brief summary of our services

Brief summary of our services

Market Research

We conduct a thorough analysis of the target markets, product, competitors across geographies. Further, we evaluate and provide insights based on the market data, helping clients make informed decisions.

Business Strategy

We develop a competitive strategy that focuses on sustainable growth. With our extensive experience across geographies, sectoral knowledge and industry insights we help in defining an executable plan to create value for business.

Growth Management

We identify growth areas. Our model supports clients throughout their growth cycle. We help companies expand their horizons beyond the traditional boundaries and diversify by capturing newer markets. With a deep knowledge of underlying drivers for growth, we chart a path for businesses to grow.

Process/Operations Enablement

In this robust competitive environment, we take-up cost effectiveness alongside creating value for our client. We help businesses adapt / transit to a new sustainable business model by optimizing a complete value chain, reducing costs and increasing value.

Financial Modelling

Our comprehensive financial and strategic modelling which encompasses of corporate finance, risk management, revenue modelling, rate-card development, market sizing, TCO and ROI analysis, profitability analysis and valuation- helps organizations to analyse financial obligations and take right decisions.

Investment and Funding

We provide expert advice on securing investment and its allocation. We assist in preparing an investor pitch and company valuation reports. We secure investment for our clients through various modes such as angel investors, equity investors, institutional investors, FIIs’ and government funding.

Go-to-Market (GTM)

Backed by extensive market environment knowledge, Our GTM experts help companies launch their product/service in the most effective ways possible. Our qualified specialists assist businesses in targeting the right market for their products & services by defining competitive pricing strategy, using right media channel (ATL/BTL/Digital), conducting PR events, establishing sales channels and defining partner networks.

Digital Marketing

Conquering and dominating the digital landscape is the mantra for business success in today's digitized and dynamic market-place. We offer analytics based digital marketing services helping companies reach the target audience in cost-effective ways.

Legal Advisory

We support with company incorporation, privacy policies, Intellectual property protection, patent filing, NDAs, employee and vendor contracts, commercial agreements, government approvals, licences, legal compliances and founder and shareholder agreements.

CMO Role

We offer Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) service to small and mid-sized organizations. With this role, we bring to the table market expertise in both physical and digital marketing. Our experts with extensive industry experience across geographies take charge of marketing and sales strategy. This is one of the most sought after service within our list of offerings.

Program Management

Analysing operational readiness, present marketing activities, legal construct, developing a technology platform, IT practices, internal training methodologies and change preparedness, our senior consultants develop fail-proof programs that ensure successful product / service launch even in the most volatile markets.

Risk Mitigation

A risk to company performance can lead to a major roadblock in operations and profitability. A risk may vary from operational efficiency, financial viability, human capital or technology. Our experts identify high, medium and low-risk areas and define solutions that will ensure the company remains aligned to its objectives and strategy while minimizing risk.

Technology Enablement

Our experts guide from conceptualization of an idea with technical details to viz-a-viz choice of technology and strategy to bring out the product. The areas of involvement range from drawing up business functionality, technology stack evaluation, hosting and deployment strategy, outlaying the overall architecture to operationalizing the solution, launch planning and release management.

Human Resource

Skilled manpower is the backbone of an organization. Our experts develop sourcing strategies, identify the availability of skills, categorize the areas in India that has the required skill specialists while listing out the set of skills that should be built in-house.