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Targetorate Repository forms a part of Targetorate Consulting endeavour to enable Industry pioneers’ insights to a larger section of the society. These insights are drafted for readers to accelerate their productivity through self-assessment. It further grooms them to work efficiently acquiring business acumen to enhance their performance by leveraging their skills. Moreover, this Knowledge Repository acts as a mentor to monitor one’s own learning for enabling growth and identifying their own potentials to accomplish targets.

Targetorate Repository

INDUSTRIALIZATIONBusiness and Technology Perspective

Industries have evolved by incorporating innovations. These innovations, today, have brought in technologies that have transformed industry. The advent of computerization and digitization has further enhanced the processes of industries across the globe. Today, technology has made its inroads in every industry. Application of Information technology has automated industry processes in a thoroughly new way, establishing systems to monitor and control operations. This has reduced strenuous efforts, and relieves humans from the stress of reliability and perfection.