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Performance Enablement

For the development of both employees and organizations, it is essential to remaster the skills of the people in the company. Excellence, professional growth, strong leadership and profitable sales are some of the accolades entity can achieve for organizational development, with strong skills set. Targetorate Consulting focuses on nuanced company needs. Our approach to People, Performance and Process training and consultancy involves customizing each development program based on the requirements of the organization. With such meticulous planned workshops, we have been able to derive high levels of productivity, profitability, and teamwork among its participants.

Sales Enablement Training

Sales Enablement Programs

This program provides participants with an in-depth understanding of the Lead to Cash process. This program will enable the participants to understand the functions of business planning, marketing, sales and pre-sales thus, helping them develop an overall sales savviness.

Leader's Edge Workshop

The Leader’s Edge Workshops

Our Leadership programs are exclusively created around scenarios and case studies so that we could provide you with the best tools to lead the organization strategically. Our programs are often described as programs that are challenging, inspiring, and life changing while being a blueprint for success.

Management Development Programs

Management Development Programs

Whether you’re looking to sharpen the management skills for yourself or your people, we commit in contributing to your team’s professional growth and development. Every program is customized to meet your specific needs and we offer the development of completely new workshops tailored for your organization. Drive higher levels of productivity, profit, and teamwork by participating in our workshops.

Personality Development Workshops

Personality Development Workshops

Personality development adds freshness and galore to an individual, bringing about a whirlwind of positive changes. Workshops on personality development help in increasing the creative capacity both, vibrant and positive. Taking into account our expertise, experience and exposure to the global market, we have development workshops that induce a shine and enables the participant to build their career effectively.