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Sales Enablement

Consistent growth is a challenge; consistent out performance even more so. Many companies often lookup for assistance to enhance their marketing and sales capabilities to drive performance. It is a known fact that companies with well-developed marketing and sales capabilities deliver better results. It is of utmost importance to create institutional capabilities which ensures long-term sustenance along with individual skills. Thus, the need arises to design a strong operating model to carry out smooth functioning.

This program provides participants with in depth understanding of Lead-to-Cash process. Participants will get hands on experience in developing a new offering and will gain exposure to all the elements involved in taking a product to market. They will obtain understanding on the common pitfalls and learn how to cope up with challenges in managing and growing existing accounts. They will get knowledge on how to identify gaps and bring improvement in the opportunity pipeline generation, qualification, management and closure.

Our Sales Enablement programs comprises of

Sales Enablement programs comprises

Mastering Lead-to-Cash Cycle

This module provides a basic understanding of business planning, marketing, sales and presales thus, developing overall sales savviness. Get exposure to the various elements involved in taking a product/service to market. Our customized Lead-to-cash program helps participants understand the common pitfalls and ways of coping up with challenges in managing and increasing existing accounts. By the end of this module, participats will be able to relate and apply the learning into the role within an organizational framework.

Prospecting sales leads

Focused exclusive on acquiring target leads for sales; this workshop deals with skills for identification and classification of homogeneous subsets which are available. Through the course of the workshop, participants also gain knowledge on analyzing market trends for prospective leads.

Building and Coaching for buyer/seller relationship

The learnings from the workshop give insights into building new buyer relations as well as strategies on retaining the old buyers of the organization’s products. It also deals with approaches to create long-lasting impactful relationships.

Our Sales Enablement module is designed such that, our interactive and simulative case study methodology will enable then to relate and apply the learnings straight into their role in their organizational functions