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The Leader’s Edge Workshops

The Leader's Edge Workshop is a highly interactive two-day program that provides comprehensive development for leaders. To achieve this, we have created a model broken down into four parts. Each individual part is directly related to a leadership skill or a competency. Often described as challenging, inspiring, and life changing, our Leadership Program is a blueprint for success. Through this workshop participants gain practical knowledge on tools that produce immediate results, helping you unlock the power of your team through goal alignment, accountability, and execution.The workshop is created around scenarios, case studies and role plays. Our facilitators are an association of industry experts with a respectful, strong and wide ranging work experience.

The workshop is a strong combination of six modules that gives a leader an entire gamut of learning that is necessary for strategic, decisions, improvement and action.

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Leadership Excellence programs that fit your requirements

Strategic decisions through a Scenario based Workshop

Mock scenario based training, this workshop highlights the key areas that enable both the leader and the core team to engage in strategic planning for organizational growth and success. Our scenarios and case studies provide multiple perspectives for the leader to make and create strategic choice and actions.

Leading Organization Change

The workshop pivots on the process of change that is inevitable within any organization and deals with the complexities of changes through case studies and extensive insights. It also teaches the employees methods to amend, adapt and adjust to change in the easiest way possible.

Emotional Intelligence

Reinstating the significance of self-awareness and social skills, the workshop enhances the ability of the team’s emotional stability thus creating an emotionally stable environment that delivers success. This is carried out with constructive guidance and attention that is required to suit any workplace.

Smart Negotiation and Alliance Management

Learn to establish amicable alliances through smart negotiation workshop. Centered around win-win strategy negotiation, it also dives into managing alliances to build firm relationships by focusing on the underlying complexities of alliance management.

Building Innovation and Change

Focusing on building skills for innovative business strategies, the workshop facilitates an environment to understand the organizational performance as well as productivity. It also aids to think out-of-the-box that helps reach higher levels of success in the respective fields.

The Leader's Edge workshops are intensive two-day workshops for a Leader of an organization. This workshop is specific for CEOs, CTOs, CFOs, VPs and other Senior Executives of the organization.