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Are you looking to improve your online reputation by making use of the social platform to promote your brand

Online Reputation is the image of a company that remains in the mind of customers; creation of same need lot of efforts and losing needs none. It needs reputationmanagementto influence public interpretation and maintain the online presence for sharing what does the brand stand for.

It includes bringing awareness about the company and its products or services, establishing the demand by promoting company using various marketing and advertising strategies to create the online image. This brand building gives voice to the company which is useful for reaching out the customers and staying in competition.

Targetorate Digital Agency Blog

Are you receiving the right ROI out of your marketing initiatives

Right marketing strategy and its underlying initiatives (both traditional and digital) can deliver good results – provided they are associated with the right product or service; and if we are able to able to measure the ROI and make course corrections in timely manner.

The ROI (Return on Investment) is simple, amount and efforts invested against the profits earned of course the duration matters. ROI is as important as business itself and digital marketing is providing tools to measure the success of each online marketing campaign.

Targetorate Digital Agency Blog

Are you visible in the highly crowded digital space?

Digital space is the new branch office for most of the companies. It’s cheaper than the actual and virtual making it too crowded for your customers to notice you.

Marketing digitally has smoothened but the challenges for sales remain high. The sky-scraping sales is a dream of entrepreneurs but what is you just not visible to the right audience.

Targetorate Digital Agency Blog

A Signature story is a strategic effort that enables growth

A Signature story is a strategic effort that enables growth, provides inspiration and offers guidance both internally and externally to Businesses over an extended period of time.

Signature stories are unique to your business as they carry the message that you want to convey to people about your brand. If done efficiently and consistently, they help businesses reach their marketing goals comparatively sooner and yield results better.

Stories make audience take notice, stay engaged and remember the brand ...

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Essential Google Analytics Reports Every Marketer Must Know

Google Analytics is a free web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic. It encourages you to figure out what makes a good business website for your target audience.

Today the number of mobile users out-rates the total number of desktop and tablet users. It becomes extremely important for businesses to know how their website is performing on mobile devices and what can be done to make the website more mobile friendly.

Google analytics offers a lot more insights into data that could be beneficial ...

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Experiential Marketing and Ways to Measure its Success

Any Marketing strategy is meaningful only when its performance is measured. Measuring the Return on Investment (ROI) of your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is relatively easy. You know the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and it’s easy to compare and measure the performance.

With Experiential marketing, things are a little different. You can measure the success of your experiential marketing-you just need to know what to measure ...