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Are you visible in the highly crowded digital space?

Are you visible in the highly crowded digital space

Digital space is the new branch office for most of the companies. It’s cheaper than the actual and virtual making it too crowded for your customers to notice you.

Marketing digitally has smoothened but the challenges for sales remain high. The sky-scraping sales is a dream of entrepreneurs but what is you just not visible to the right audience.

The reason for companies being digitally active is the ability to reach out people thousands of miles away at minimum costs, which is impossible with limited budget in offline (BTL = Below The Line) marketing on mediums like radio, TV, print media etc.

Digital Space in New Era

Advantages of Being Digitally Visible:

  • Expanded Customer Reach
  • Product /Service being available and accessible
  • Being in demand and competitive
  • Deliver Better Quality at high speed
  • Increase in sales projections
  • Clear viable profits
  • Reduced marketing costs

Out of sight, out of mind just like now-a-days if you are invisible on digital platforms you are out of market and some may even assume you have closed down.

Be Visible to your Prospects using Digital Marketing
  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Most basic and strong form of digital marketing is SEO, it uses keywords that connect to the search. This organic search can benefit you only if the identified target keywords are correct, if the content on your page is attractive and has high quality links.
  2. Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC): The sponsored links are short term ads and only the interested buyer would click on those to view it, for most of them they just don’t exist. People are insensitive towards it; still it is visible to all including those you are not your target audience.
  3. Social Media Marketing: The powerful social media marketing is currently done on Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram some do prefer WhatsApp and SnapChat etc. Works for both B2B and B2C and is boon for B2C offerings.
  4. Content Marketing: This digital marketing is a method that uses good content inform of articles, blogs, posts that your customers read and get excited about what’s available. Companies find new leads and conversions online. It can be on Wordpress, Linkedin,Twitter or simply on your website.
  5. Website Marketing: All the digital marketing efforts are some way or other being diverted to the website; we need to make our website attractive, user friendly and should have accurate information about the services.

The paid and free forms of advertising create impact on the users creating your visibility an opportunity to increase sales.

Since the SEO which is organic form of search, displays results creating higher impact on the people as there are no suggestions attached to it unlike the sponsored links. You may simply pay the search engines like Yahoo, Google etc. to be on the top.

Online Public Relations

Your public relations are the ones which make you visible in the digital space, with their comments, sharing and at times turning the ads from just being displayed to being viral.

Online Public Relations is a cost effective method for online marketing and brand building. Lead generation and conversions can be targeted bit easily if OPR is used.

  • Share articles, news about your comapny or videos on social medial platforms that people would like and share without prompting.
  • Online contests that your existing customers and the prospects can participate in.
  • Interactive articles in the e-journals, e-magazines, periodicals where in, the response generated can be a sales lead in future.
  • Interviews about the company and product say more than any advertisements, these can be shared online.
Go for it and be visible digitally

Here’s what can help.

  • Connecting various blogs to your website
  • Your website displaying Blogs, customer reviews, event photos
  • The social media accounts sharing the posts which may consist of parts and bits of blogs, reviews, feedbacks, publications etc.

To know that you are visible to everyone what matters is making right use of digital space.