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Are we correctly positioned to implement brand promotion and digital marketing measures

Digital Marketing has become the powerful platform for brand promotion as it’s simple yet influential.

In the digital world positioning is creating impact, by exhibiting the advantages of your company’s products/ services over competitors’ products/ services; to your target audience leading to pure conversions. With right strategy the customer reach has no boundaries and requires efforts and selecting the right tool.

Targetorate Digital Agency Blog

How can we mitigate the risk associated with new markets for an effective market entry

Market Entry in new arena or a new country with new product or re-launch is accompanied with certain risks on business. Some of the risks while entering new markets are anticipated and some unforeseen, we need to be geared up for both.

Market Research: It is must to know what will be our investment vs. returns, who is our competition, to find product differentiation, to get market overview, what are the trends and market needs, to find probable profits, know the market threats as well as rules to entry and exit the market.

Targetorate Digital Agency Blog

How to gain a better understanding of the market and its various labor laws and compliance issues

It is basically the background work required to succeed in business whether its product or service based.

We all do the research of our target audience, demand, delivery product / service competition, price range and costs for production, packaging, advertising etc; yet it’s difficult to get competitive edge over the market.

What makes you different is the competitive differentiation which sets the brand apart from others to attract new customer base and keep them loyal.

Targetorate Digital Agency Blog

How to get the right combination of pricing and cost-reduction efforts to maximize market share

General and popular understanding of customers is price and quality, go hand in hand which is questionable as companies define pricing using various formulas. Prices, quality and many other factors affect the market share of a company.

Derived best price is usually a calculative figure of total costs and margins.

Total Costs include the research and development, production costs, packaging, advertising, taxes, duties, sales costs, insurance, transportation, spillage and spoilage etc.

Targetorate Digital Agency Blog

What kind of entity should your setup here and how to measure their impact

Selecting the business entity is an important decision in itself. The type of business and it’s planned Vs. expected growth can be the basis for decision on business setup required to meet current and futuristic needs.

Business Setups: Indian markets are wide enough for business minded people to trade in products and services. The privileges for the types of entities formed differ to suit the requirements, nature of business and size of organization.

Targetorate Digital Agency Blog

What steps can we take to understand government, related lobbies and their policies

We need to understand the government policies and what lobbies are doing for us to make necessary changes related to taxes, business costs, privileges, subsidies available and keeping watch on the liabilities.

Fiscal policy: It is about the revenue collection thatgovernment plans through taxation and makes changes in taxation slabs which affects the spending and saving capacity of citizens, impacting the income distribution and in general the overall level of economic activities. It is administered under laws of legislature.The changes suggest the state of economy is either in boom or recession.

Targetorate Digital Agency Blog

Strategy - Is your Digital Agency upto the challenge?

"You said never run a tactic without strategy. Well I understand that you need a plan. But strategy! Who has the time for strategy? We are already into thick of the action. I need action, not advice!"

A valid concern. For an SME, the thought of Digital strategy is a luxury or so it seems. First, a consultant is costly. Then, one must contend with costs and time associated with an all-knowing consultant. Right?

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Getting Digital marketing right – What can you do about it?

“I have tried every digital marketing tactic that my agency told me to do. Yes, I got a good search rank when they got me to page one. But then, after 3 months we are back to where we started.”

Familiar? Well wait… the client then added- “Now, what is it that you will do that has not been done before?”

This is a symptom of most of the SMEs in India, many of which are led by entrepreneurs but without a marketing function or a role with marketing responsibilities.