Ways to measure Digital marketing Success| Targetorate Consulting


Are we correctly positioned to implement brand promotion and digital marketing measures?

Digital Marketing has become the powerful platform for brand promotion as it’s simple yet influential.

In the digital world positioning is creating impact, by exhibiting the advantages of your company’s products/ services over competitors’ products/ services; to your target audience leading to pure conversions. With right strategy the customer reach has no boundaries and requires efforts and selecting the right tool.

To create deeper impression the strategies should match the product. If you are an Online Book Seller and have no videos to display no point creating the FB ad with video; that may not create any visual impact nor will lead to any lead generation activity. The same form of advertising can work wonders for the FMCG, fashion, textile type of industries.

Campaign Preparedness
The marketing campaign you select should yield favorable results but it needs some compatible actions for the e-mailers, sms, display ads.
  1. If website is displayed see to it that it’s working.
  2. If direct pages of your website are in place, check for broken links and get them sealed.
  3. Images if inserted have mouse over see if they zoom in and out.
  4. Are there any creative elements in the ads, are they placed after enough research, do they reach your audience.
  5. Content used in marketing is updated or replaced by fresher one.
  6. Using SEO, check that the keywords you chose are relevant and headlines are suitable.
  7. Are your E-mails reaching the inbox and being viewed
  8. Social Media Marketing you use whether Facebook, Twitter or Instagram are they driving traffic.
  9. What do the Web Analytics suggest about people visiting your pages and their behavior?

The trendiest form of indirect marketing is conquering the digital world obtaining the secured place in the Digital strategies of companies. This unpaid form of marketing reaches the audience faster than some of the advertisements, enrolls prospects leaving them with choice of actions at their convenience.

Integrated Analytics

Analytics reviewing is must to know the results of your campaigns predict the customer behavior, manage the advertising costs, predicting the best or worst and knowing why is that happening, which part of the digital marketing is attracting business and which is failing to do so, based on the alerts you may modify the actions to suit the hours need. It’s a master help to make better business decisions.

The Universal Analytics will show all the searches from any mobile, laptop, desktop whether it from website’s landing page, links used for specific campaign or an affiliate site. All these small steps work towards customer satisfaction and building brand image. No matter what the tools and techniques say the real analysis is Cost Vs. Profits.

The brand promotion is not one-time activity as new leads are always awaited and the digital marketing creates newer experience and attraction for the customer. Same experience becomes the urge to spread information or buy the product; both carry great value and contribute to increase in brand value making it trustworthy.

If this happens you are correctly positioned.

The mediums of digital marketing includes Mobile Media, Social Media, Internet Marketing, E-commerce, Social Networks and Search Engines have an interlinking effect like traffic derived from social media marketing brings in e-mail and mobile users data. The response to the digital marketing with Google ad words, social media marketing or affiliates is diverted to leads and revenue generation.