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Your One-Stop Marketing Partner

As your trusted business consulting and marketing partner, Targetorate offers with end-to-end marketing services covering a wide range of activities to help you promote your business.

Marketing Strategy

Promotions & PR

Content Marketing

Events & Conferences

Ads and Paid Promotions

Video Creation & Marketing


Web & Mobile Apps

Partnerships and Alliances

Supply Chain Network Activities


BTL Activities

Identify-Launch-Grow – India and Oversees

Targetorate offers for exceptionally savvy companies looking to enter India market, an array of services necessary to start, launch, manage and grow their business in India. We also help organizations expand their footprint oversees – especially in Europe and Americas. Our core strategy is built upon:

What are we selling?

Whom are we selling to?

Why do they need it?

Where can we reach them?

How do we go to market?

When should be reach them?

Value Based Partner Eco-System

Collaboration is the key to success in today’s competitive landscape for organizations to provide ongoing value to their clients. Over 􀆟me, we have built a very strong network of partners that specialize in the various focus areas of marketing. Together, we provide enormous value to our customers with Targetorate acting as the single-window interface.

New Business Launch/Go-To-Market

Global Partnerships

Lower Establishment Costs

Integrated Analytics

Lower Establishment Costs

Digital Transformation Partnership

Knowledge and Asset Transfer

Ad and BTL Agencies